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Reading Games Price


Level One Contains:Consonants: s, m, r, n, t, d, b, g, h, c, th
Short vowels: a, e, i, o, u
Long vowels: a

Includes board game, 5 books specially designed for this level, 119 static cling letter cards, 2 certificates, 4 pawns, 4 blue rings of knowledge, 4 gold rings of knowledge, 1 marking chip, 1 die, 25 activity cards, 25 question cards, instructions, a parent guide, teaching tips and a phonics sound guide.
Note: After your children learn the first 8 sounds, they read their first book, after learning 6 more sounds, they read their second book…so on and so on.  This is important so that your children associate reading with phonics as quickly as possible.Blending of the phonic sounds, syllables, root words, suffixes and prefixes can be taught by placing the needed individual static cling letter cards  side by side on the board.The activity cards not only help active children release energy, but they also teach comprehension (through role play),  and listening skills. The question cards teach listening and communication skills.Note: Level One contains the game components used to play levels Two and Thee.


shipping and handling:  :$11.00


Two ContainsConsonants: p, j, f, l, w, sh, k, y, qu, x, v, z
Long vowels: e, o, i, u
Includes 4 books specially designed for this level, 112 static cling letter cards, 1 certificate, instructions and a phonic sounds guide.Note: Blending of the phonic sounds, syllables, root words, suffixes and prefixes can be taught by placing the needed individual static cling letter cards  side by side on the board.

$15.95 USD

Shipping and handling: $5.00


Level Three Contains

Letters: wh, y ending a word, oo, ch, ai, to, ea,
ou, ing, er, ie, ee, ar, ed, ph (note: ll and  Ñ can be easily added)
Note: any phonogram can be taught by placing the needed static cling letter cards side by side on the board.Includes 5 books specially designed for this level, 105 static cling letter cards, 1 certificate of achievement, instructions and a phonic sounds guide.

$15.95 USD

Shipping and handling: $5.00

ring-around-the-phonics-level-1 ring-around-the-phonics-level-2 ring-around-the-phonics-level-3

Our Value Pack

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            $55.95  USD

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