Ring Around the Phonics

Hear phonic sounds for free in the videos below.

Our videos will teach you the right way to enunciate and teach phonic sounds. To purchase phonics and reading games:  

Ring Around the Phonics is  a game that teaches phonics sounds, blends, comprehension, and listening skills.   It can also teach children other language arts subjects (some foreign languages, spelling  and more)

Having worked with children for many years, we have made some important discoveries. For some children, if they are not pronouncing the phonic sounds correctly, it can make it impossible for them to blend the sounds, and to read. In order for you to be sure you child is pronouncing the phonic sounds correctly, we have provided the following free videos.  The first video goes over the most commonly mispronounced phonic sounds. It also explains how mispronouncing them interferes with some children’s reading ability. The other three phonics sounds videos cover all the phonic sounds. (These videos are designed for the educator so that you can make sure the child is getting the basics correctly)

The Most Commonly Mispronounced Phonic Sounds


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Level One Phonic Sounds

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Level Two Phonic Sounds

Level Three Phonic Sounds




Ring Around The Phonics (whole brain teaching) has everything you need to teach reading and phonics including early reader books.  However it is successfully  used  to teach  blends, spelling, vocabulary, foreign languages, writing, comprehension, listening, communication skills, and more (grades K through 6).  It is also designed to teach up to four children (even if on different levels and subjects) at the same time making it great for earning extra income as a tutor…Years of curriculum that saves (and makes) you money and time.