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To define a Republic one must understand it’s origin, and history. The U.S. Constitution did not originate in 1787. It originated in the year 1100, and probably earlier. So the U.S. Constitution began over 600 years before it’s signing. The Constitution incorporates five charters. Alexander Hamilton Federalist papers 84.

Republic Defined begins with The Charter Of Liberties Of Henry I, 1100

Henry arrived on the throne very unsure of himself and his rights. You see, his elder brother ruled before him, and was very ruthless. So King Henry I ‘s charter is more specific than many others, and looks to win support by reversing bad practices of his brother William Rufus. Much of it reads like The Magna Carta

Henry’s charter said the following, which the U.S. Founders also believed :

  • The inheritance tax was evil and oppressive. 
  • No one was above the law, not even kings. 
  • The Income tax was considered evil.
  • The church will be free of government intrusion .  

You know what? King Henry I did not believe a word of what he wrote. It was mostly to win the harts of the people…much like a campaign speech of today. Harts is a key word here to understand and define what a Republic is. That becomes more clear as you proceed.

Republic Defined: The Magna Carta

Again the ruling class (government) became increasingly oppressive. But this time the people made a list telling the King what he could, and could not do. It basically said that if we allow you to remain our King, you must first sign these agreements. It contained the following:

  • No taxation without representation
  • The right to Habeas Corpus

Does this not sound familiar?

Republic Defined: Petition of Rights of 1628

Believe it or not, The ruling class became increasingly, and insanely aggressive towards the people. But it culminated with the reign of King Charles I.

  • You cannot quarter solders in our homes.
  • You shall not order martial law in time of peace.
  • Liberty is the inherent possession of men, and not of

You see folks, we sense in our harts when things are wrong. We do not need government or the media to tell us. We know it from our humanity.

The Grand Remonstrance of 1641

During this period in history there were religious wars all over Europe, and  king Charles I was funneling money to the enemy spending the people’s money to defeat their own soldiers.  The Banks do this today. The people charged the King with treason, convicted him, and put him to death.

 Another list was written of how the king had violated the charter of 1100, The Magna Carta and Petition of 1628.   The United Nations did not invent sustainable development—King Charles did. He also took the government off of the gold and silver standard, and put them on fiat.

The people were clearly seeing a pattern of corruption in the rich and powerful. They saw foreign laws imposed on them, corruption of the court. Property right intrusion, intrusion of the Churches, disarming the people, over and over again for 600 years. 

The Glorious Revolution of 1688.

King James II. began placing Roman law over the British (foreign law). Again the ruling class was breaking the previous agreements. 

Five Ministers petitioned, which was legal in Britain at the time.  They were imprisoned because they disagreed with the king.  A revolution was borne The glorious revolution of 1688 bringing about the Bill of Rights of 1689.  The king was overturning law (executive orders today). Executive orders were meant to regulate presidents, not people or laws. 

We have the same problems today as in 1688.  Parliament was doing nothing about it. Congress is doing nothing about it today. Our government agencies are not governed by the same laws…they write law without consent of  congress

A Republic is in the harts of the people, not the government.

Americans did not fight the” American Revolution…There were no Americans at that time. They were British Citizens, who were again experiencing egregious violations of the five charters…government corruption. It was a civil war (British citizens against their oppressive ruling class). So when Patrick Henry said, “give me liberty or give me death”. He did not mean he would die to be free to do whatever he wanted. He meant free him from bondage and oppression, or give him death.

The colonies first petitioned the King many times before they wrote The Declaration of Independence .

The U.S. Constitution (charter) is not a living breathing document.  That is another word for  banana republic.  Proponents use “living document” to say the founders did not have the internet or telephones, therefore we do not come under the Constitution: we can limit your freedom of speech and invade your privacy. 

In Conclusion:

A Republic is a limited government.

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