Ring Around the Phonics


Roma Cox, our founder, has over 32 years of experience helping children learn to read with phonics.

Contact Roma directly for information on phonics games, phonics learning, reading workshops, tutoring services or phone orders.


She is a tutor, a published author, curriculum developer, and interactive workshop leader at the University Of North Florida, Public schools and at home school conventions.

Nile Stanley PhD, Reading Professor at the University Of North Florida writes:

“I recommend very highly Mrs. Roma Cox as a guest speaker and or workshop leader on teaching phonics through game-based teaching with total physical response.

I had her present one hour to my literacy methods class on teaching phonics and they loved her.  Several of my students bought her phonics game and are  using it with great results with ages 5 to ten. I recently presented with her at the UNF FATE conference. “

You may reach us by:

  1. Mail to:

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2. Please feel free to call us for workshops,  tutoring services,  free consultations, how to make some extra income in our affiliate program, questions, comments and phone orders:
(904) 317-5330
(U.S. EST) 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

3. Email us at: info@ringaroundthephonics.com

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