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Your child can learn, with the right tools and a little information.

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Many parents fear they wont be able to teach their child phonics and reading. Reading is the most important subject, because it is the basics of all learning.  However, on this site you will find help. Much of it is free.  

I ask these fearful parents, “Can you read”?  They usually say, “yes”. I tell them, “with the right tools and a little information, you can teach your child to read”.  It is very easy, and fun too. If school has failed your child, you won’t…not with our help.  

How To Teach Phonics, Reading and more.

Ring Around The Phonics is endorsed by home educators, teachers, college professors, tutors, and parents, because it works.  In fact, it can help you teach the fun and easy way… without the tears.

Indeed, Dr. Nile Stanley, PhD. endorses this game, and explains that young children learn through play Furthermore he says,  play should be used more in teaching children.  Additionally, play involves as many senses as possible (whole brain teaching). It improves the health of the brain. Special needs children improve as well.

Additionally, in her book, “The Power of Different” Gail Saltz, M.D. explains that tapping into a child’s interest is more effective than the traditional way (flash cards and workbooks). However, the joy of learning is a concept we often overlook today . Unfortunately many children have lost the passion for learning by third grade.  The passion for learning is one of the things often missing from our studies today.? Even Einstein said such. 

Furthermore, studies show that with this method, children learn faster, retain more, drop out rates decrease by 90%, stress  is reduced, and  the health of the brain improves.  

What does Ring Around The Phonics teach:

So What are you waiting for? Now is the time to help your child to read (click here).


The goal is to help them learn independently.  But they can’t do that if they cant read. Don’t worry: If you can read, you can teach your child to read.  Here we have provided the  right tools and information. We make it very easy, and fun too.

Too Many Children Struggle With Phonics and/or Reading

An increasing number of children do not learn using the “Conventional Method” (workbooks, flashcards and lectures). There is a scientific reason for this.  You see, the conventional method normally uses only  verbal media either in print or speech. It unintentionally shuts down the right side of the brain. 

If the conventional method is not working for your children, Ring Around The Phonics teaches to the whole brain (Whole Brain Teaching). This method is also known as ” Total Physical Response. Scientific studies show: with this method, children (1) learn faster, (2) retain more, and (3) retain their love of learning. Dr Amen’s brain research shows that whole brain learning (4) actually improves the health of the brain.

Studies Show That Whole Brain Teaching is More effective Than The Conventional Method
Ring Around The Phonics teaches phonics reading and more

Whole Brain teaching creates movement of the body, and makes information flow from the left brain to right and back again at lightning velocity. Teaching to the whole brain is far more effective than the conventional method. It is interesting to note: with this method, drop out rates decrease by 90%. and stress (a major cause of learning disabilities) is reduced. The health of the brain improves.


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Independent Reviews:

Nile Stanley, Ph.D. reading professor, University of North Florida recommends Ring Around The Phonics For The Classroom.

He writes: “Ideal for classroom, clinic or home, the Ring Around the Phonics game (Ages 4 and up; for 1 to 4 players Note: by adding 4 more game pieces, 8 children can be taught at one time) engages children joyfully in confident learning and produces instant growth in phonics, comprehension, reading, listening and speaking. Start down the magical road to reading success with this adorable, easy to learn, board game which includes 336 static cling letters, fun activity cards, phonics books and motivating certificates. I loved the adaptability of the game for educators to be able to be an instructional decision maker, and address his/her own program’s standards for spelling, writing, language, and more.”

For Teachers and Tutors:

“A question from teachers and administrators often arises when considering the purchase of an instructional game for their school. – They often ask, “Can we purchase the Ring Around the Phonics game for our school if it is not on the state-adopted list? “Yes! According to Florida Statute 1006.(4)(B) up to 50 percent of the annual allocation may be used for the purchase of instructional materials, including library and reference books and non print materials, not included on the state-adopted list”.

To read more of his review click here (PDF format)

Video by Dr. Stanley explains why play based teaching is more effective:

  • Finland now ranks number one in education using play (Whole Brain Teaching) as a major part of their education.

Professional Tutor

Karen, a professional tutor, recommends Ring Around the Phonics to teach reading and phonics. She told us this game/ curriculum helped her land her tutoring job. She now has a rewarding job helping children with learning disabilities. Karen said this game works exceptionally well with these children..  See what Karen says in video format by clicking here.

Home Educator

Jennifer, a home educator, also recommends this game. See her speaking in this video. 


Early Childhood Educator Turned Home School Mom


Home educators will want to check out our article on How To Home School.

Home Educator

This mother, who is a home educator, explains how this curriculum (disguised as a game) has helped her daughter in the attached video.

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